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Back-to-school is so bittersweet. I am not ok with my youngest heading off to kindergarten or my oldest heading to second grade, but I am ready to get back to routines. My kids thrive on routine and summer throws them all out of whack. I’ll be filled with equal parts joy (quiet house!) and sadness (why are they so darn big?) on the first day.

Carters Dresses Back to School
To add to my never-ending emotional roller coaster, this was the first year back-to-school shopping with my daughter where I let her take control. When I watched her digging through racks and holding dresses up to herself in the mirror, my heart hurt. She’s still so little, yet every time I look at her, I feel like I’m looking at a teenager. Every day I worry if she’s growing up too fast. She likes the same country songs I do and she wants to dress more like me. I’m not ready for this, y’all.

Carters Leggings Back to School
I’m very particular about where I take her clothes shopping. I want her to feel like she has control over her choices, but I don’t want her to be tempted by clothes which are far too mature for her age. There’s a definite awkward period where girls are still small and don’t need “DIVA” splashed across their shirts (but, really, does anyone ever need that?), but they don’t fit in the smaller, more age-appropriate sizes. She’s also still rough on her clothes. They don’t change for gym class and the girl can’t pass up a patch of grass without doing a cartwheel. I need her clothes to be durable, but affordable enough so I don’t feel bad replacing a pair of leggings for the third time because she skinned her knee learning how to ride her bike.

Carters Back to School Haul Printed Tops
All this to say: Carter’s is still one of my favorite places to shop with my daughter. The clothes are affordable (especially with their constant sales and coupon offers), well-made, and age-appropriate. I can turn her loose and let her choose whatever outfits she wants, knowing they’ll all pass the Mom Test.  (Now Carter’s carries up to size 8 in store. Size eight! That means we still have a year or two left of shopping at Carter’s, which I couldn’t be happier about.)

Carters Back to School Cardigan
So that’s what we did for this post. I told her to find some new outfits for school and let her choose whatever she wanted. She had a blast, and now she’s all ready for her first day of school next month. She got some great dresses and some mix-and-match leggings and tees, which I know she’ll live in once the fall weather arrives.

Back to School with Carters
Carter’s offers the same on-trend clothing as other stores, but with the added peace-of-mind knowing the clothes are age-appropriate. The store was filled with great patterns, fresh florals, and modern prints. If shopping at Carter’s doesn’t make you happy, I’m not sure what will.

Carters Back to School
Of course, I had to be the one to keep track of the tally. We ended up spending just over $100 on the whole lot of clothes, and I earned $20 back in Carter’s Rewards Dollars, which I use to buy little brother some new duds.

Carters Back to School Prints
There are a lot of great deals for back-to-school right now, including $6 leggings, long sleeve tees, boys terry pants & slogans (when you buy 2 or more) through August 31st. You can also download the coupon below for an extra 20% off your purchase.
Carters Coupon
At the end of the day, my daughter came home with clothes she loved and the chance to say “I picked this all out myself!” I was able to give her a sense of independence and pride, and a big part of that is because of Carter’s and their cute, modern, age-appropriate approach to style that celebrates the joy in being a kid (without breaking the bank.)

They don’t want to rush kids into growing up, and I’m right there with them.

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