Blog Conference Roommate Gifts

As you probably know from my Twitter and Instagram feeds, I’m off at the Mom 2.0 Summit, a blog conference in Phoenix, Arizona this week. Part of my excitement in getting to attend Mom 2 is getting to bunk with some pretty awesome ladies (you can meet them here, here, and here)

Because I never give myself enough to do right before leaving for a trip, I decided to make a little “conference roommate survival kit” for each of my amazing roomies.

The main inspiration for this craft came from a Tackle it Tuesday video from Jenny On the Spot. I knew I needed to make these DIY glitter tumblers at some point and this conference was the perfect excuse. After all, we all are drinking tons of water wine this weekend and don’t we want our water margarita cups to look stylish and fun? Of course we do.

Instead of using Starbucks cups, I used these Cool Gear insulated tumblers, which were a royal pain to get apart, but my hair dryer, a hammer, and sweat were able to finally separate the two pieces. I had to glue them back together after the glitter process. They may not be the sturdiest of cups, but they’ll look cute in the meantime.

And because I can’t just leave well enough alone, I added our twitter handles to each cup.

Blog Conference Roommate Gifts

I also included what I consider to be conference must-haves, especially when you’re cramming four women into a single hotel room.

  • Stomach Meds: A weekend full of wine, food, and wine can take a toll on the ol’ tummy.
  • Goodys Powder: This is my go-to pain reliever for headaches/migraines/hangovers.
  • Ear plugs: because sometimes you just need some sleep and there’s no reason to stop the others from talking into the wee hours of the night.
  • Eye Masks: so you don’t hate your early-riser roommate for turning on a light to see so she doesn’t trip over the 13 suitcases, swag bags, and 45 pairs of shoes covering the floor.
  • DIY Poo Pouri: Self-explanatory.

I can’t tell you if my roomies loved the gifts because I actually pre-wrote and scheduled a post for once, but let’s pretend they thought they were the greatest things ever, ok? YAY!

I can not wait to share my entire Mom 2.0 Summit experience with you next week. In the meantime, I’m going to be soaking up every second of friendship, learning, wine, and sun.

Have a great weekend!

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