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Camping Beauty Essentials

Camping beauty essentials? Yes, I said “essentials”. I try to be as low maintenance on camping trips as possible. I’m fine not showering for a few days, and I leave the majority of my makeup behind. I’m convinced going makeup-free and exposing my skin to all of that amazing fresh air does wonders for my complexion.

That being said, I do need a few things to keep my skin and hair clean. I’m not anti-products during a trip. I need a little pick-me-up in the morning to get going or a way to wipe off some of the dust and campfire smoke at the end of the night.
Camping Beauty Essentials
These are my must-have camping beauty essentials. I keep a stash just for the camping season.Click on any of the images below to purchase. These are affiliate links, meaning I receive a very small percentage of each sale.

W3LL People mascara. You all know my obsession with this mascara, so I know you’re not surprised to see it on this list. I always purchase mascara in travel size (germs + using it all before it dries out), so it’s the perfect thing to throw in my bag. A little mascara and lip balm/gloss is all the makeup I need.

Speaking of lip balm, Pacifica Sun + Lip Care Mineral Color contains SPF 30 (essential for the outdoors) and a little hint of color. It’s super moisturizing, too, and smells fabulous.

I never want to bring my micellar water camping, so these Pacifica Cactus Water wipes are the perfect replacement for trips. The wipes are large, so I’m able to clean my face, neck, and arms with these. Definitely a step up from using baby wipes.

Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo isn’t my everyday go-to for dry shampoo, but I like that it’s scent-free and little more intense for camping. I typically don’t need such a hardcore dry shampoo, but when you’re camping, you need to step it up a bit.

I’m still head-over-heels for Hello’s whitening toothpaste. And let’s be real- nothing feels as good as brushing your teeth when you’re camping. If I had to, I could give up every other item I use, except for toothpaste.

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Beauty Essentials for Camping

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