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Carry On Travel Tips & Clarisonic SMART Profile

October through December are definitely my busiest months for travel. We have our annual Walt Disney World vacation, trips to see our families for the holidays, and I have a couple of work trips on my schedule. I don’t like checking my bags in general, but especially during the holiday rush. Standing at a baggage claim during the busiest travel period of the year is my personal nightmare.

If you ask most people what they have the most trouble packing for carry-on travel, they’d say their toiletries. It can be hard to get all of your favorite products down to 3oz sizes, but it’s definitely possible.
Clarisonic SMART Profile and Packing Tips
1. Shop Around: My favorite resource for travel-sized products is the checkout area of Sephora/Ulta. They seem to have every product imaginable in travel size. You can also check out sites like 3FL and Beauty Bar. If you still can’t find your favorite products in travel size, pack your own! And skip the bottles. Small tubs are easier to fill (and empty) and they stack inside your clear bag easier. Most make-up counters will be happy to throw a couple of empty sample tubs in your bag. If you only need very small amounts of certain products like hair serum or eye cream, fill up a contact lens case. Just make sure to label everything so you don’t end up using conditioner as eye cream.

2. Think Solid: Ditch bottles of nail polish remover for individually packaged wipes. Switch out body wash for bar soap. You can even switch to solid shampoo and conditioner (but try it out before your vacation to make sure you like the way it makes your hair feel.) LUSH makes fantastic hair care in bar form. Instead of aerosol dry shampoo, pack powder (again, try it out ahead of time.)

3. Pallet Power: Condense your makeup into a pallet. Many of your favorite brands already sell all-in-one pallets. Or, you can make your own with kits from Z Palette. One pallet is easier to pack than six different eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, and highlighter compacts.

4. Medications Don’t Count: This includes contacts and contact solution. Don’t fill your bag with things you don’t need to. You must still remove the medical items from your bag and claim them at security, but they do not need to be in your quart-sized bag. Medications also include breast milk, formula, ect. Just be prepared in case TSA needs to do some extra screening.

5. Don’t Skimp: You think you’ll be fine for 5 days without your favorite foundation, shampoo, or hair product, but you’ll regret leaving any real favorites behind. There are some things you won’t mind switching out (see #2), but if you have curly hair and swear by a particular curl cream, be sure to pack it. It’s called a must-have item for a reason.

One of the items on my must-have list when I travel is my Clarisonic SMART Profile brush. Before I owned a SMART Profile, I’d pack facial wipes. They’re great because they are mess-free for travel, but they don’t clean as well as cleanser and water. Now, I pack my Smart Profile and a small amount of face wash. I only need a small amount of cleanser when using my SMART Profile, so I’m able to pack it in a small tub or even a contact lens case if I’m on an overnight trip.
Travel with the Clarisonic SMART Profile
My SMART Profile typically keeps a charge for a week or more, so there’s no need for me to bring the charger along when I travel. I put it on the charger the night before and it’s fully charged and ready to go for my trip. We all know the last thing we need when traveling is more charging cords, right?

And after a day in a theme park or city, with sweat, sunscreen, and god knows what else on my skin, I need something with cleaning power. Facial wipes aren’t getting deep into pores to remove all of that nasty gunk.  I lock myself in the hotel bathroom, turn on the shower, and wash the entire day with my SMART Profile. And let’s face it, when you’re sharing one hotel room with your entire family, you need to escape, even if it’s to the shower. (bonus tip: use the Turbo Massage Body Brush Head before shaving for extra soft, swimsuit-ready skin.)

What are some of your favorite tips for packing beauty products for carry on travel? Leave a comment below to share yours!

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