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Family Time at the RedFrog Pub on the Carnival Sunshine

Our kids are early risers. No matter what time they go to bed, they’re up before 8 and ready to get going. On a cruise, getting up early is definitely a plus. Thank you to Carnival for having us as guests on the Carnival Sunshine.

While the rest of the ship is sleeping (and recovering from the night before), you can explore areas that get busier later in the day. Sometimes, you can have an entire area all to yourself. Cruise ships take on a completely different personality in the morning- the bustling party atmosphere from the night before turns into a place of quiet and serenity.

Unfortunately, if your kids are anything like mine, they’re not into the quiet and peaceful part of mornings. They’re ready to hit the ground running. The adults, on the other hand, aren’t quite ready for the lights and sounds of the arcade or sitting poolside in the morning breeze.

This is why we loved spending time in the RedFrog Pub on board the Carnival Sunshine. Normally, the RedFrog Pub is a buzzing Key West-style bar with all sorts of things going on…live music, competitions, and games.
RedFrog Pub Carnival Sunshine
But, when you’re up early, the RedFrog Pub becomes your own personal game room, perfect for kids who need to burn off a little energy in the morning. We spent our mornings with the RedFrog Pub all to ourselves.

RedFrog Pub Carnival Sunshine
We could play foosball. I taught my daughter how to play shuffleboard and chess. We tried to remember how to play dominoes.

RedFrog Pub Carnival Sunshine
The entire pub was empty. We could be silly and loud and not have to worry about disturbing any of the other passengers. Just outside the RedFrog Pub, JavaBlue Café was open and serving hot coffee and tea, and the Taste Bar had delicious breakfast bites to enjoy.
RedFrog Pub Carnival Sunshine
By the time the rest of the ship was up, and the bar opened, we had our fill of games and moved on to our next activity.

RedFrog Pub Carnival Sunshine
We spent a lot of time together as a family on the Carnival Sunshine, but I have to say mornings at the RedFrog Pub were, by far, my favorite little moments of our trip. (ok, so maybe I love the RedFrog Pub any time of day, too.) Moral of the story: get up and explore the ship early in the morning, and you may find an unexpected hidden gem, too.

RedFrog Pub Carnival Sunshine

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