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it’s a small world. at Disneyland Resort

it's a small world disneyland mama of all trades

While I may prefer the castle at Walt Disney World (and a few other things which I plan on discussing in a future post), Disneyland wins this battle hands-down.  The facade of it’s a small world. at Disneyland blew me away.  Maybe it’s because it’s my favorite attraction, maybe it’s because it just looks like classic Disney.  Maybe it’s because I hate that the WDW it’s a small world. seems crammed into a corner of Fantasyland and forgotten.  Whatever it is, I love the Disneyland version so very much.  Plain and simple. It simply can not get any better than this. {Well, maybe it does during the holiday season.  I’ll just have to find out for myself, hopefully sooner rather than later.}

Although, I do much prefer my favorite hippo at Walt Disney World.  The Disneyland counterpart is just a bit too small for my liking.  She’s still cute, though!

hippo it's a small world disneyland mama of all trades

If you’ve experienced both parks, which it’s a small world. do you prefer?

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