Jewelry Storage Ideas and DIY Earring Holder

I have this great little make up table from my grandma. It’s not an antique or anything, but it was hers and I love it. It’s a little outdated and the drawer won’t stay together, but it’s something I’ll never get rid of. I’m actually going to repaint the table and reupholster the bench once the weather finally warms up and I can work outside.

DIY Jewelry Organization

One of my biggest issues with the table is storage. I can remember my grandma had the table completely covered in makeup and perfume bottles she arranged on a silver tray and tons costume jewelry in little jewelry boxes, but I can’t handle that type of clutter. I decided to get a jump-start on the makeover by coming up with some storage solutions for my jewelry.

I had this wire kit from Ikea leftover from our kitchen artwork project and decided it would be perfect for my necklaces. They were sitting in a jewelry box, getting tangled. I love having them out on display so I can see what I have available. It makes getting dressed so much easier.

I also have a growing collection of earrings that needed organized. Instead of throwing them in a dish, I decided I’d put my favorites on display with this easy, inexpensive frame display. I purchased the frame at the dollar store and used other supplies I had on hand, so total cost for the project: $1! And this is the easiest project ever. Did I mention how easy it is? SO EASY.

Jewelry Storage Ideas and DIY Earring Holder

You’ll need:
Small Frame
Heavy Cardboard or Cork (I used a thick coaster leftover from another project)
Permanent Double-sided Tape

How to do it:
Remove glass from frame. Recycle or save glass for another use. Remove backing from frame to expose the entire photo area.

DIY Earring Display Tutorial

Cut cardboard/cork to size. I used a piece that was slightly larger than the frame hole.

Cut ribbon to size. You want it long enough to wrap around to the back of your cardboard/cork. Place double-sided tape on the backside of your cardboard/cork where your ribbon will go. Be sure to let the tape go slightly over the sides. Wrap ribbon around cardboard/cork and press into tape.

DIY Jewelry Display Instructions

Place cardboard/cork into frame and secure in place with tape.

Hang frame and add earrings.


See? So easy! You can replace the cardboard/cork with sturdy foam to store straight-backed earrings, too.

What’s your favorite way to store jewelry?

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