Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Runners

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. For me, my best Mother’s Days are when I get to lounge in bed for a few extra hours, accompanied by a delicious breakfast, tea, and a mimosa. I never ask for a Mother’s Day gift and I really never expect one.

But let’s pretend I did want some sweet running-related gifts for Mother’s Day. I took one for the team and came up with some great gifts for the mother runner in your life. This post is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. In other words, these are all my ideas and I’m not being paid by anyone to share them with you.


Mother's Day gifts for Runners
Mother’s Day gifts for Runners by ashley featuring a charm bracelet

Sparkle Athletic Skirt: A girl can never have enough Sparkle in her life. I wear SA skirts for every race and I am always up for getting a new SA skirt or top. 

GPS Watch: I love the watch the husband gave me for my birthday, but I can’t help covet other watches. I could own a watch for every day of the week, really. I’ve coveted the Garmin 220 since it released last year. 

Race Entry: Sometimes I feel guilty spending money on race entries. I could spend that time and money on my family instead of myself. I’m sure every mom has felt the same way at some point. I’d love to get a race entry for Mother’s Day. It’s a reason to train and a race morning off from mom duty. And a reason to wear that new Sparkle Athletic skirt you bought her…

Wireless Yurbuds: I’ve been a Yurbuds convert for some time now. They’re the only headphone I’ve ever purchased that I actually love to wear. The buds stay in my ears, they deliver excellent sound, and they’re durable. I finally managed to lose both of my bud covers after two years and now I really want to upgrade to their new wireless buds. 

Gym Bag: I love going to Yoga class, but I hate transporting my mat. Total #FirstWorldProblem, I know. I’m obsessed with the recent trend in bags that include a great duffle/storage area along with a yoga mat carrier. 

Alex and Ani Bangles: I have to admit, I’ve been dropping (not-so) subtle hints about these two bangles for the longest time. The “It’s Not a Sprint” charm bangle is my favorite and I’d love to have that daily reminder on my arm that life isn’t a sprint…it’s a marathon. I think it’s the perfect gift seeing as I’m in training for my second marathon this year and all. The Champions bangle reminds us that we’re all champions. For the majority of us, running is something we do for ourselves, not to get onto the podium, and I think this bangle serves as a good reminder we’re all doing the best we can and becoming champions of our own journeys. 

Another Mother Runner Shirts: I love being a Mother Runner and belonging to a tribe of amazing women who balance their love of running with everything else in their lives. I’m proud to show off my Mother Runner status in these shirts. Or, you can grab the Mother Runner in your life one of the amazing AMR books to read when she’s enjoying her breakfast in bed.

iTunes gift card: I don’t know about you, but there are two gift cards I can’t get enough of: iTunes and Starbucks. I didn’t think coffee really belonged in a gift guide for runners, but iTunes? You betcha! From the latest running and fitness apps to hours of music, I spend a small fortune in the iTunes and App Stores. I get all giddy when I know I can create a new playlist, thanks to an iTunes gift card.

Bonus Idea: If you’re a runner and your wife is a runner, consider hiring a babysitter and going on a run date this Mother’s Day. If, like my husband, you’re faster than your wife, slow down and enjoy her pace (or try and keep up if she’s faster than you.) Finish your run off at the local juice bar, or better yet, with a couple’s massage.

So there you have it! My ideas for the Mother Runner in your life. What would you add to the list (for yourself, or someone else?)

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