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Stitch Fix Gift Card Tips

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Stitch Fix Gift Card Tips
I am the Queen of Last Minute Gifts. Typically, this means I’m printing out a gift card or throwing together a wine basket at zero hour. The thing is, I don’t always know how much to give, especially if a service or product is new to me. If you’re considering giving the lady in your life a Stitch Fix gift card this Christmas, here’s a little help based on my expert analysis from my own Fixes. [you can see all of my Stitch Fix review posts here]

$25: This will cover the recipient’s styling fee. If they keep any of the items in their Fix, the $25 fee is used as a credit towards those purchases. This is a great amount for a seasoned Stitch Fix user because they’ll likely have referral credits to use in addition to your gift card. It’s also a great way to get someone started with Stitch Fix. Sometimes, it takes a Fix or two for your stylist to really get to know your style, and having a “free” styling fee helps tremendously. (see all of my tips to get your best Stitch Fix for more)

$50: Many of the tops I’ve fallen in love with (and accessories, too) have been under the $50 threshold. This gift card would most likely get your recipient one item from their Fix. Your recipient will be able to let their stylist know a rough idea of how much they’d like to spend on each Fix, and I almost always have at least one item in the $30-50 range. Don’t forget, the $25 styling fee is applied as a credit if the recipient chooses to purchase any items from her Fix.
Urban Expressions Elisha Zipper Accent Structured Satchel Stitch Fix
$75: This is a fantastic amount for any Stitch Fix gift card. Your recipient will most likely be able to purchase one “splurge” item from their Fix like a great pair of jeans or a jacket. I don’t always purchase my big items, but the ones I do purchase are typically staples I know I’ll wear again and again. This is especially important now that I’m doing a capsule-style wardrobe for each season.
Stitch Fix Gift Card Tips
$100: One hundred dollars will go far in a Fix! Based on my past Fixes, I’d be able to two tops or a key piece and accessory for $100. Not too shabby! Knowing me, I’d probably use this for one item in two different Fixes because I love getting my Stitch Fix delivery each month.
Stitch Fix Review Kut From the Kloth Siena Cropped Pant
$150 and above: This is what I’m wishing for this Christmas. Thanks to a gift card of this amount, I’d be able to keep almost an entire Fix when factoring in my styling fee credit and “purchase all” discount. I could also split the credit up into more than one Fix, which means months of style delivered right to my doorstep. That’s winning right there, you guys.
How to Fold a Printed Gift Card Stitch Fix Gift Card
Stitch Fix has an impossibly adorable tutorial for folding printed gift cards on their site right now. I’ll be using this little trick for all of my printed gift cards this season.

Mailed gift cards (which come in the cutest mini Fix boxes) must be ordered by December 18th in order to guarantee Christmas delivery.

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