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I paid for this Stitch Fix with my own cold, hard cash.  I was not asked or required to share this post with you.  Yes, the Stitch  Fix links are affiliate links.  

As any mom knows, finding time to go shopping for yourself can be rather tricky.  Either you sneak out for a couple of hours on the weekend or you drag a child with you to Target and spend the entire time in the dressing room trying to keep them from crawling out from under the door.  Add in the funky lighting and deceptive mirrors, and it can be downright miserable.

My good friend Amanda posted a link to Stitch Fix on Facebook last month and said she was hooked.  It was an easy way to shop without ever leaving home, and better than normal web shopping because you actually got to try on clothes without having to purchase them first.  I immediately signed up, filled out the seriously detailed style questionnaire, paid my $20 styling fee, and waited (no-so) patiently for my first Fix to arrive.

Stitch Fix Review FiddleDeeMe

My Fix arrived a few weeks later via FedEx.  It contained five items chosen for me by my personal stylist, an invoice, pre-paid USPS Priority Mail return envelope, and my favorite detail: cards with styling suggestions for each piece in the box.

Stitch Fix Box Contents

But enough about all of that.  I know you want to know the important stuff:

So what did my stylist choose for me and how much does each item cost?

 Stitch Fix Outfits November Fix

  • Plaid infinity scarf: $38
  • Green ankle jeans: $68
  • Mustard fitted cardigan: $38
  • Grey polka dot sweater: $48
  • Heart print blouse: $48
  • Total box worth: $240.00 ($165 if I purchase all five items)

I tried on every piece several times, with different accessories and went through the styling cards to see if I had some of the suggested pairing pieces.  It was wonderful to have the time to try outfits on at home, with pieces I already own, instead of asking myself in the dressing room “I wonder how this would look with that pink top and those blue flats I have at home”?

My stylist did a great job with getting my size right.  The only sizing issue I had was with the jean.  It was supposed to be an ankle jean, but they were way too long on me.  I didn’t love them enough to spend the time and money on tailoring.

In the end, I only kept one item out of this fix.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t love all of the items, though.  I just happen to own one too many cardigans and grey sweaters to justify purchasing more and the scarf, while beautiful and soft and lovely, just wasn’t in the budget.  I am totally in love with the item I did choose to keep and I immediately signed up to get another fix in December.

Stitch Fix Choice November

I went online and filled out my feedback on each item (with detailed comments so my stylist can see them when they style me for my next fix), paid for my blouse ($48 less the $20 styling fee), placed the other clothes in the prepaid envelope, and dropped it off at the post office.  You get three business days to review your fix and get it to the post office, which I found to be more than enough time.

If you don’t want to keep any of your items, you simply forfeit the $20 styling fee.  And for me, it’s worth the $20 to have someone else shop for me, avoid driving to the mall, fighting holiday traffic and cramped dressing rooms.  I can see myself keeping at least one item from each fix, if not more.

My main goal with Stitch Fix is to get some really great pieces to incorporate into my current wardrobe.  I don’t normally spend $48 on a top or $68 on jeans.  I’m a Target shopper, y’all.   But, if I can get one really great piece and use items I already own or find inexpensive pieces to pair with it, I’m completely happy.

As if you can’t tell already, I’m completely hooked on Stitch Fix and can’t wait to see what comes in my December box (and it arrives the week of my birthday, so I’m hoping to treat myself a little!).  I highly suggest you try it for yourself.  You won’t regret it!  You can get a one-time fix or sign up for a monthly fix, and you can cancel at any time.   I’ll keep posting updates as my new fixes arrive, so stay tuned!

QOTD: Have you tried Stitch Fix or are you thinking about it?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • Reply Annie November 11, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    I am totally wanting to sign up for this. It is pretty sad how fashion un-savvy I am. I walk into a store and I am all “um help!! what goes with these tights?” Then the people that help get commission so….instead of getting clothes cheap, I pay more than full price…..So really stitch fix will probably save me money in the long run.

    Thank you Ashley!

  • Reply Wendi November 11, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing the review.

  • Reply Becca - My Crazy Good Life November 11, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Hmmm…. I keep seeing people talk about this and I’m intrigued. I have SUCH a hard time finding clothes, though, that I’m truly skeptical about if they can find something or thingS that will work for me. I love your story and that you found a piece that worked, though! I think I might go ahead and try it 🙂

  • Reply Kerri November 12, 2013 at 1:06 am

    Interesting concept. I love that you can pick what you want and return the rest!

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