Summer Style Slump

I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of style posts around here lately. To be completely honest, it’s because I am in what I’m calling a “Summer Style Slump.”

Currently, mornings are spent watching swim team practice (ie: sweating in the shade and toting gear back and forth), afternoons are spent working inside, and evenings have been spent either at the pool or trying to get the house back under control (you guys. it’s a nightmare around here. so gross. please don’t come over.)

I am basically living in basic shorts, tees, and my swimsuit. My makeup routine consists of moisturizer, sunscreen, and mascara (who puts on a full face of makeup when it’s 100 with Monica in Barbados level humidity?) Even on vacation, I hid under a sun hat (affiliate: get the hat here ) and big sunglasses.

Summer Style Slump
I did get a haircut. Well, make that two hair cuts. The first was a disaster, which I tried to get fixed with a second cut the next day. The second cut isn’t much better. I mean, you know it’s bad if I haven’t put it on Instagram yet.

But, it’s hair. It’ll grow out. I just need to figure out how to make the best of it in the meantime. I’d get it cut again and hope third time’s a charm, but I’m on $150 in haircuts in the past week and I feel sick about it already. There’s no way I’m spending more money right now.

In other words, there’s nothing really to talk about when it comes to my style lately. Except this: the summer style slump is real and it’s ok. I’ll get back to cute dresses and flowy tops once the humidity breaks and my life isn’t spent watching my kids enjoy the pool water while I sweat to death on the sidelines.
Summer Style Slump
Until then, let’s pretend you didn’t see me wearing the same shorts three times this week.

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  • Reply Andrea Updyke July 20, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Oh girl. RIGHT there with you. And hair too. It’s in a perpetual summer bun. Oh well.

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