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The Perks of Traveling Solo #DisneySMMoms

I posted this on MamaOfAllTrades back when I attended Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in 2011.  It still makes me chuckle today and was definitely worthy of a repost, with a few updates since things have changed since 2011.  Also, I’m still down with the flu and this is about all I can muster up today.  Send Lysol and wine, please.

This May, I will be in Walt Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.
Due to travel costs and school, I am going solo and leaving TH with the kids.  It’s probably the best Mother’s Day present ever.

I am going to be on my own for three whole nights. Three. Nights. And while I am ready to soak up every bit of knowledge and insight the conference will provide for me (and, if it’s anything like past year’s, I’ll walk away full of knowledge and inspiration), I am also excited for the perks that come with being a mom away from her kids for four nights.

My best girl, Amanda from DisneyGoToGirl.com and I at the 2011 Social Media Moms Celebration

My best girl, Amanda from DisneyGoToGirl.com and I at the 2011 Social Media Moms Celebration

Here’s how I plan to take advantage of those perks:

  • Environment be dammed, I will be taking 20+ minute showers everyday. Maybe twice a day. And then blow drying and flat ironing each strand of my hair individually.
  • My makeup brushes will be used for more than pretend princess games.
  • I will wear dangling jewelry and earrings without worrying about Bubba ripping them off of my neck or tearing them out of my ears (and taking along some skin with it).
  • I will wear nice, clean clothes that aren’t yoga pants without worrying about snot or PB&J hands ruining them before I get out of the room.
  • I will eat hot, fresh food. I will take my time eating and actually take a moment to taste my food before swallowing it.  And there will be bacon. Copious amounts of bacon.
  • I will savor using the bathroom without an audience.
  • I can go on Tower of Terror as many times as I want, without having to switch out with the husband.
  • I am buying a cute purse. There will be no diapers, wipes, pacis, or goldfish crumbs to be found inside it.
  • I am going to sleep with 100 pillows, hog all of the blankets, and wake up to the sounds of Mickey on the phone instead of “Mama, mama, mama, MAMA! Morning, milk please?” being screamed in my ear.
  • Someone else will make my bed for me. And, do a better job at it than I ever could.
  • When I get myself a citrus swirl or carrot cake cookie, I will not share a single bite. It’s all mine.
  • For every meal, someone else will be doing the cooking and washing the dishes. I will look at my hands and enjoy the fact my hands aren’t dishpan-y.

I love my children and husband. I really do. I love being at home with them. Sure, I’ll get sappy and cry when I talk to Bunny and Bubba on the phone at night.  I’ll tear up at the airport when they drop me off and I’ll be so excited to see them when I get home on Monday.  But, every mama deserves a break, and this mama is going to enjoy every magical moment.

What are your favorite perks of traveling solo?  I know you have to have one, moms (and dads)!

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  • Reply Maria S. March 14, 2013 at 5:49 am

    I love this post! My kids are a little older now (10 & 12), so I can enjoy some of the above. Three days of “me” time would have been a much appreciated Mother’s Day gift when they were little! Enjoy! 🙂

  • Reply Isra {TheFrugalette} March 15, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    I totally pinned this! Enjoy it all!!

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