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What I Wore To Disneyland in January

When it comes to dressing for Disneyland, or any theme park, it’s easy to go for the most comfortable clothes you own; a worn in pair of sneakers or sandals, and a ponytail. I get it. You’re spending hours on your feet in a theme park. It’s often hot and you’re climbing off and on rides.

However, I’m not the type of person that wants to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt every day on vacation. It may be vain, but I know I’ll be taking photos, going to dinner, or seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time. I like to keep my same level of style on vacation as I do at home, if not more so because I actually have the time to get ready every day on a trip.

what I Wore to Disneyland in January Star Wars Half Marathon

shirt: her universe // shorts: target // jacket: old navy // shoes: toms

Oh how I love taking uninterrupted showers in a hotel where I can blast the hot water and not worry about it running out for the next person. It’s bliss, really. Pure bliss.

The weather in January in Disneyland is gorgeous, especially when you’re travelling from Hoth, but it can be tricky to dress for. The mornings and evenings are very cool, if not chilly (50 or so), but there are a couple hours in the middle of the day where the temps heat up to 75-78 and the sun is beating down. It’s actually quite crazy how quickly it goes from cool to hot to cool again.

To summarize: layers are key.

I packed way more outfits than I needed and ended up wearing a variation of the same outfit each day. Here’s what I wore to Disneyland in January:

What I Wore to Disneyland in January FiddleDeeMe

jeans: new york & co // cardigan: target // top: old navy // sandals: reef // fedora and purse: target

Layers with longer shorts or jeans. The cardigan ended up being the key part of each day’s outfit. It’s a thinner sweater that was perfect for the chilly mornings, but wasn’t bulky when I wanted to take if off when the temps went up.

What I Wore to Disneyland Boyfriend Jeans

Next time I’ll bring more cardigans so I’m not wearing the same thing every day.

Also, the fedora. Because I can’t get away with a fedora in WNY. I just can’t. And I love a good hat, especially midday when the sun is really pounding down.

The outfits I didn’t end up wearing would have been great had the temps stayed on the warm side all day, but they weren’t so great for layering and cooler temps. The sandals I packed ended up staying in the hotel room, too, because I stupidly ran two races without training and my feet weren’t pleased with me.

What I Wore to Disneyland Boyfriend Shortsshirt: star wars for junk food // shorts: old navy // shoes: toms

On my last day, I wore what I planned on wearing on the plane ride home. I simply switched my sandals for real shoes when I got to the airport. I had planned on changing my outfit completely, but it wasn’t worth it to get another set of clothes dirty when I knew I’d be getting all grubby on the flight and I was perfectly comfortable.

What I Wore to Disneyland Departure Day

jeans: new york & co // shirt: target // scarf: her universe for think geek // sandals: disney 

As a bonus, here’s what I wore on my flight to California because what’s one more outfit photo:

What I Wore to Disneyland in January Plane Ridedress: old navy // leggings: target // shoes: target

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