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Welcome to Treks and Trends!

Treks and Trends is a place to inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors and the latest style trends because it’s ok to love high heels AND hiking boots.

I’m Ashley, owner of Treks and Trends. This website has gone through several iterations over the past nine years. What started out as a standard “mommy blog” as blossomed into something I am really proud of…a place to celebrate getting outside and feeling your best.

On Treks and Trends, you’ll find travel stories, latest shopping finds, stories about our lives, and so much more. I hope it inspires you to take a tent camping trip in the Adirondacks or escape from the hustle and bustle of Disneyland to find a hidden gem of a state park.

It might seem silly to have a website featuring camping tips and favorite bubble baths, but I believe in looking and feeling your best, while exploring the world around you.

To me, Treks and Trends feels like me. It feels like home. And I hope you’ll feel just as happy, and at home, as I do when you visit. Keep reading below to learn more about me:

Ashley Forster Year of Target and Travel Blog

Ashley Forster Travel Blog and Target Style

Now, let’s get a little personal shall we?

I’m Ashley. A 30-something military wife and mother living in the Washington, DC area.

If this were my Match.com profile, I’d tell you I love Star Wars, The Walking Dead, beer, tropical locations, and eggnog. I’m happiest when the sun is on my face and there’s sand between my toes (as long as that sand doesn’t make it back inside the tent.) I am a compulsive list-maker, obsessed with Christmas and Halloween, and lover of classic films. I believe girl’s nights and child-free vacations are a requirement to a happy home.

My current daydream is to own a camper and spend a year traveling the country with my family. While active duty military life won’t allow us to have that dream just yet, I am hoping we can get at least a month or two on the road next summer.

I also happen to love Disney. A lot.
Ashley Forster Destination America
So much so, I was selected to serve as a member of the Disney Parks Moms Panel (2012, 2014, 2015) and answered over 2,000 questions about planning a Walt Disney World vacation. I’ve also been featured on the Disney Parks Planning DVD and on Destination America’s Walt Disney World Resorts special.

I think that about sums it up. Oh, yes, if you’re a brand or agency looking to contact me, check out my Contact page or email me at forster.ashley@gmail.com.