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There’s nothing that stops a parent in their tracks faster than seeing the school nurse’s phone number flash across their incoming call screen. Did they break a bone? Throw up all over the classroom? Spike a fever in the middle of art class? There are so many possibilities.

Luckily, I know my children are in amazing hands with their school nurse. She’s kind and takes the time to really talk to students, no matter how busy her office gets. She doesn’t dismiss their tummy aches or sore throats just because there’s no vomit or fever.

School nurses do more than check temperatures and put on bandages. They are able to bring comfort to our children when we can’t be there, administer life-saving medications, and provide a safe space for students in need.

A few weeks ago, my daughter visited the school nurse with a stomach ache. The nurse was able to figure out my daughter wasn’t sick: she was upset because her friend was moving away. After a little chat, my daughter was feeling much better and went back to class for the rest of the day.
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When she does come home from school sick (thanks, winter germs), I know I can count on Pfizer Pediatric Products to keep her comfortable while her body heals. Our medicine cabinet is always stocked with Children’s Advil®. It’s the first thing we reach for when a fever spikes. [Tip: We keep our medicine in a high cabinet in the kitchen, never in the bathroom, never within reach of the kids. Bathroom temperatures vary too much and can alter the medication’s effectiveness.]
Americas Greatest School Nurse Sick Just Got Real
Of course, rest, hand washing, drinking plenty of fluids, and lots of snuggles are always in order, too.

America’s Greatest School Nurse

Do your children have an amazing nurse at their school? Do they go above and beyond for the students in their care? Pfizer wants to know about them!

They are on the hunt for America’s Greatest School Nurse. Nominate your child’s school nurse, or a school nurse in your community, and they could win the Ultimate Summer Vacation to escape the germs and ick. Plus, each state finalist will win $500! Nominations are open until February 23rd.
Americas Greatest School Nurse
For more about the America’s Greatest School Nurse contest and to get other awesome, and hilarious, tips and tricks from other parents, check out the Sick Just Got Real Facebook page. The Sick Just Got Real website also has some genius hacks, a sick tracker, and symptom checker.

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