Childhood Nostalgia on Netflix

As a child of the eighnineties (isn’t that way better than “millennial” for those of us born in the very early 80’s? I think so. I am not the same as someone born in 1992, thankyouverymuch), so many of my memories revolve around television. We were still a generation of “go outside and play until the street lights come on”, but we were also the kids who got that new thing called the Disney Channel. We got the original TNBC and TGIF. We got “Goonies” and “ET” even if some of us were too young to see it them in the theaters. We just watched them repeatedly on tapes we rented from Blockbuster Video instead. We got to see “The Breakfast Club” because our older siblings had no choice but to let us hang out with them while they watched movies with their friends.

TV and movie life was awesome in the eighnineties.

Flash forward an obscene number of years and I constantly wish my kids were able to see some of the gems of my generation. I can’t help but watch an episode of “Jessie” and wish we were watching “Clarissa Explains it All” instead.

This is why I go all fangirl crazy when Netflix adds a show from my younger life. Here are some of my favorites available on Netflix now. (PS: I don’t work for or with Netflix.) (PPS: yes, I watch these shows on my own and without my children. You want to make something of it?)

1. Bill Nye: The Science Guy:

I can’t say the name of this show without busting into the theme song. Bill Nye was THE Science Guy. Yes, we had Beakman, too, but sometimes you wanted less of the large rat-man sidekick and more of Bill. He’s the teacher you always wished you had. SCIENCE!

2. The Wonder Years:

I’m pretty sure every girl wanted to be Winnie Cooper. I know I did. And then Kevin kissed her and we all REALLY wanted to be Winnie Cooper. I watch the reruns of “The Wonder Years” now and wonder why my parents let me watch the show at a young age when the storylines contained war, sex, drugs, and death, but somehow they did it in a way that kept the show family-friendly and wholesome. It’s impossible to make a show like this anymore.

3. Dinosaurs

You know what I loved most about this show? Annoying the ever-loving daylights out of my parents by repeating “I’m the baby! Gotta love me!” whenever I had the chance. My grandma even bought me the pull-string Baby Sinclair for Christmas one year. I loved her so much for buying me the most annoying toy EVER. Also, can we discuss the episode entitled “A New Leaf” where the family basically gets high together? This is family television at it’s best, people!

4. Saved by the Bell:

I’m not even going to elaborate here. The gif says it all.

5. Spiderman and His Amazing Friends

Yes, I saw repeats of this show as a kid, not the original airings, but it was amazing nonetheless. Firestar was my hero. Girl superheros were few and far between (and still are) and she was gorgeous and saved both Spiderman and Ice-Man more than once. I’m still bummed she never panned out as a cartoon regular (although she still appeared in comic books.)

6. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse:

Today’s secret word is: AMAZING. Because that’s what Pee-wee is. Amazing. Forget all of the weird stuff he did outside of the Playhouse. Let’s just focus on all of the magical, bizarre things that the show brought into our lives. Like Penny cartoons and snack time and Cowboy Curtis and The King of Cartoon. And the Christmas special, which is the single most underrated holiday special to ever grace our televisions.

7. Jem and the Holograms:

Because children should know the TRUE Jem and not the nonsense that’s coming out in theaters later this year (so much NSFW language in that link, btw, but Jessica Chobat speaks the truth.) It’s going to be awful, you guys. If you love your children, you’ll show them this version of Jem and this version only. SYNERGY!

What’s your favorite throwback show on Netflix? Is anyone else making a list of shows they wish were on Netflix now? Because I’m looking at you SQUARE ONE TELEVISION.

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  • Reply Sarah May 20, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    Oh Dinosaur! I loved you too! I did not know SBTB was on Netflix now – there goes my weekend 🙂

    I also used to love Small Wonder. Remember that show?

    • Reply ashley May 21, 2015 at 2:39 pm

      Small Wonder was awesome. We had the best shows as kids!

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