Deciding on Wall Paint Made Simple

As you may have seen over on my Instagram feed, I’m currently redecorating the kid’s old room into my office. I’m going with a fun Mid-Century Modern theme (I might even have to include a bar cart ala Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) and I can’t wait for it all to come together. You can see some of my inspiration and ideas over on my office Pinterest board.

Right now, I’m testing paint colors. I’m torn between a blue-grey or a brighter blue. And to be honest, I hate deciding on paint colors. Walking into a room with 15 different color swatches on it drives me insane. I avoid painting walls because I’m so scared to commit to a color. It’s sad, really.

When we were at The Home Depot last weekend, I stumbled upon these little beauties: Sure Swatch. I ended up buying a handful (at less than a dollar a piece!) to bring home.

And then I fell in love.

I can paint these little sheets, stick them to the wall and see what the color looks like in the room. If I want to know how it’ll look when the light hits the far wall in the morning, I simply peel the paper off and stick it on that wall.

Sure Swatch Paint Decider


Listen, I’m not being paid for this. I am just super excited to have home decorating become that much easier. I can’t wait to show off my office as it progresses!

Do you like painting, or are you a paint commitment-phobe like me?

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