Disney Cruise Line Sets New Itineraries to Norway in 2015

Disney Cruise Line has announced new itineraries to Norway and Northern Europe, starting in 2015. Bookings open on March 27, 2014. Today’s news made me stop and think of my own trip to Norway.

I visited Norway, Sweden, and Denmark a long time ago, but the sights, sounds, tastes, and people of the area still fill my memory as if it were yesterday.

I remember the smell of the water as I stood outside on the balcony of our host’s home in Akershus, with Oslo in the distance. I can feel the slippery rocks under my feet at the beach below their house. I remember being completely thrown off by the eternal daylight and not sleeping for the first two nights because of the sun and eventually learning how awesome blackout curtains are.

View from house in Norway

I remember taking a trip to hike the glaciers (in summer) and tasting the fresh glacier water as it ran down the hillside. I remember feeling so chilly in the mornings, but feeling the hot sun beat down on us by afternoon. We waded in the cool, clean water when we reached the top.

Norway Glacier Hiking

I remember standing next to Viking ships and not quite grasping the concept of these ancient ships and the men who sailed in them.

Norway Viking Ship

I remember the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen and the gorgeous flowers of Tivoli gardens and wishing every amusement park could be so beautiful. I can remember the shops and my aunt trying to find the perfect piece of Royal Copenhagen china to accompany us on our trip home.

We took a cruise from Norway to Sweden and Denmark. I remember standing out on the deck of the ship and being mesmerized by the fjords as we twisted and turned our way along the water. I remember when we pulled up to Copenhagen and I saw The Little Mermaid statue in the harbor and thinking “it looks a lot bigger in books.”

I remember eating reindeer for the first time and having roasted salmon, fresh off of a boat from a nearby marina. To this day, no salmon can compare to that one. If only I could remember the recipe.

I remember eating bags of Smørbukk caramels and the best potato chips I’ve ever eaten. I think that’s when I discovered the bliss of salty and sweet. Clearly a life-changer when you’re a teenager.

I remember standing at the top of the ski jump at Lillehammer and my stomach dropping out.

lillehammer Olympic Jump

And those are only some of the memories I have of my trip to Norway, Sweeden, and Denmark. When I look at the old photos I still have, more memories come flooding back to me. Of all the places in the world, I want to bring my kids to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, if only so I can make the same memories with them as I made with my Aunt.

While we may not be cruising Norway in 2015, I am really excited to see Disney Cruise Line offering this new itinerary and hope they’ll stick around until we’re able to sail with our family.


From Disney Cruise Line:

Disney Cruise Line Announces New Itineraries to Norway and Northern Europe

Norwegian Fjords
On seven and nine-night sailings departing from Copenhagen, Disney Cruise Line guests are immersed in the splendor and charm of Norway with exciting new ports, steeped in Viking history. An 11-night sailing on the Disney Magic takes guests to Iceland and the Faroe Islands for the very first time.

The Norwegian fjords served as the inspiration and backdrop for Disney’s blockbuster animated film, “Frozen.” Here, guests will discover breathtaking natural wonders such as magnificent mountain ranges, massive glaciers, steaming geysers and majestic fjords. The enchanting Scandinavian culture of the region comes to life through local attractions, stunning architecture, storybook villages and historic city centers.

NEW Seven-night Norwegian Fjords
Ports: Copenhagen, Denmark; Stavanger, Alesund, Geiranger and Bergen, Norway
Departure date: June 6

NEW Nine-night Norwegian Fjords
Ports: Copenhagen, Denmark; Stavanger, Alesund, Geiranger, Molde, Olden and Bergen, Norway
Departure date: June 20

NEW 11-night Norwegian Fjords and Iceland
Ports: Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger Norway; Akureyri and Reykjavik (overnight), Iceland; Torshavn, Faroe Islands; Dover, England
Departure date: June 29

Rates start at $1,561 per person for seven-night cruises, $2,133 per person for nine-night cruises and $2,453 per person for 11-night Norwegian fjords cruises for a standard inside stateroom, based on double occupancy.

Northern Europe
On northern European cruises, the Disney Magic will sail the Baltic waters where guests will explore richly diverse cultures and national capitals including Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark and St. Petersburg – Russia’s second largest city known as the country’s cultural capital. These itineraries depart from Copenhagen, Denmark and Dover, England – just a quick jaunt from London.

NEW Seven-night Northern European
Ports: Copenhagen, Denmark; Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden
Departure dates: May 30, June 13

12-night Northern European
Ports: Dover, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; Warnemunde, Germany (July 10 cruise only); Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia
Departure dates: July 10 and 22

Rates start at $1,463 per person for seven-night cruises and $2,844 per person for 12-night Northern European cruises for a standard inside stateroom, based on double occupancy.


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