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Free Kid’s Camping Checklist Printable

Camping season is right around the corner, and I am spending my weekends and weeknights preparing all of our gear so we’re ready to hit the road right as soon as it’s time for our first trip.

It’s no easy feat getting us ready for a camping trip, no matter how organized we are. There are lots of moving parts to take care of and we all need to do our part, including the kids.

While the adults pack the car and assemble the gear, the kids help by packing their own clothing for the trip. We use this handy kid’s camping checklist printable to make it easy for the kids to know exactly what and how many of each item to pack. It’s laminated so we can use it all season long.
Kid's Camping List
NOTE: Toiletries are not included on their list because we keep a family toiletry bag packed for the season. The bag includes toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel/soap, and shampoo/conditioner. (More on how and what we pack for camping coming soon.) 

In the “notes” section, we add details like the weather, how long the car ride will be, any special equipment or clothing they’ll need, or any other information that might help them decide on what to pack. Knowing how long they’ll be in the car helps them pack their entertainment options for the car. A quick trip for a day or two means just a few toys/books, longer trips mean more stuff.

Having the kids be responsible for packing their own things is a small check off of our prep list, but it really helps get things moving along.

Download this kid’s camping checklist for your next trip and don’t forget to Pin and share with your camping buddies.

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