Friday Journal Vol. 3

Happy Friday, loves!

What Happened This week

Fall Ball Friday Journal
It was a pretty quiet week here. Baseball games, 4-H meetings, and the first pages of homework were really all we faced this week. I’m ok with that. Quiet is good. Quiet is what we need for a few weeks.

What I’m thankful for this week

Work. This was my first full week of my new job, and it’s going great. We’re still getting back into the routine of me working full-time, and even though I’m home, it’s still an adjustment for everyone. The kids got used to me being able to sign up for all of their events and being ready to play when they got home from school. I got used to having time to run errands during the day. In a couple of weeks, this will be our new normal. (and I’ll hopefully have a cleaning service)

What I’m Reading


I bought Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home (affiliate link) months and months ago, but never got around to starting it. I finally picked it up this week. Turns out it was the perfect time to start reading. Gretchen outlines different topics to focus on each month, but she started with September. Maybe it’s fate I started reading this in September, too. I’m going to read one chapter a month, following along with the schedule Gretchen used. I’m not sure it’s going to make a difference in my happiness, but I figure it can’t hurt to try, right?

What I’m watching

Pretty much the same as last week…football. BUT, there are a couple of shows I’m super excited about. Designated Survivor and This Is Us. I’m sure I’ll end up watching both on Hulu because I am awful at remembering to actually sit down at a set time to watch a show, but I’m pumped nonetheless.

What I’m looking forward to next week

Target Merona Favorite Plaid Tunic
Cooler temps. We got a little taste of fall today, and it made me so happy. Weather cool enough to wear jeans and my new favorite shirt, but still warm enough cool off with an iced PSL. I’m ready for mums and pumpkins and leaves crunching under my feet.  We’re also planning a couple quick overnight camping trips now that the weather is perfect for tent camping…bring on the s’mores!

On the Target front, get ready for some BOGO 50% off deals. Jeans will be BOGO50% in store and BOGO 50% off on all Clothing, Shoes and Accessories online only starting on 9/18. Perfect timing as I have a few more items to pick up for my fall capsule.

Let me know what you’re up to this weekend or what you’re thankful for this week in the comments below! Happy weekend!

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