Gone With the Wind Inspired Outfits for #GWTW75

I think it’s pretty obvious that Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie of all time just by looking at my blog name, but did you also know I was named after the film? Yup. And I named my daughter after it as well. I also collect old editions of the book and am pretty much certifiably addicted.

So when Turner Classic Movies (my favorite channel) and Fathom Events announced nationwide screenings of Gone With the Wind to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its release, you know I purchased tickets the second I could. My husband has graciously agreed to accompany me to the Sunday (9/28) showing and I’ll be heading to the Wednesday (10/1) showing solo.

If you’re heading out to a local #GWTW75 screening and want a little fashion inspiration for your outfit, look no further. I’ve put together some Gone With the Wind inspired outfits for your visit to see the greatest film of all time on the big screen.

I started, of course, with the dress Miss Scarlett is wearing in the opening scene of the film. A girl can never have too many ruffles, and this outfit is definitely proof of that.

Gone With the Wind Inspired Style Scarlett's Opening Dress


Gone With the Wind Inspired Style Scarlett’s Opening Dress by fiddledeeash featuring a champagne purse


Next, we moved on to probably the most iconic dress in the film, Scarlett’s velvet curtain dress. I’m not a fan of dressing in velvet from head-to-toe, so I changed the fabrics up a bit. There’s still velvet in the shoe and suede for the clutch. I love the mix of textures in this outfit.

Gone with the Wind Inspired Fashion The Velvet Curtain Dress


And finally, we turn to one of the lesser-celebrated dresses, the “Ashley Promise” dress as I like to call it. Scarlett wears this dress the morning Ashley Wilkes heads back to his duty after being granted Christmas furlough. It’s in this dress Scarlett promises Ashley she will watch over Mellie should anything happen to Ashley in battle. Oh, how she hated to do that.

Gone With the Wind Inspired Fashion Scarlett Says Goodbye to Ashley Dress


Will you be doing a little GWTW cosplay for your local screening? I can’t wait to share what I’ll be wearing and see what y’all decided to wear, too.

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