Inside a Carnival Pride Stateroom

Thank you to Carnival Cruise Lines for having us as guests on board the Carnival Pride. I hope you enjoy this peek inside our Carnival Pride stateroom! 

The first thing I do when we are going on vacation is check out photos of our accommodations. The problem is, most photos you’ll find online are stock photos or are neatly staged. That’s not exactly helpful when you’re trying to picture how your family of four (and all of your stuff) will fit into the room.

So, instead of showing you how pretty our Carnival Pride stateroom was when we boarded the ship, I’m going to show you what it looked like on the last day of our sailing, complete with my kid’s clothes on tables and unfolded stuff in drawers. It’s not pretty, but it’s real life.
Carnival Pride Stateroom

Will my stuff fit in a Carnival Pride Stateroom?

My number one concern about cruising was whether or not our family of four and all of our stuff would fit in our stateroom. I can honestly say that I never once felt like we didn’t have enough space in the room. How much stuff did we bring, exactly? Two large suitcases, one carry-on bag, two backpacks for the kid’s stuff, a garment bag, and a beach bag.

There are ample storage spaces all throughout the stateroom, including plenty of room under the bed for suitcase storage. We stashed the ginormous suitcase in one of the closets and slid the other under our bed.

The children’s (clean) clothes fit in the drawers under the bunkbed. Yes, it’s a mess in there. It was vacation, and I was not refolding clothes. They lived. I lived.
Carnival Pride Stateroom Underbed Storage
We kept dirty clothes in an empty bag in one of the closets. (Tip: Take advantage of on-board laundry service. We stuffed a laundry bag with a ton of clothes, handed it to our steward, and it was delivered back to use that night. Worth every penny of the $12, and now I know we can pack even less on our next trip. There are also self-service laundry machines located on each deck.)
Carnival Pride Stateroom Closets
There are three large closets in the stateroom. We used the large closet shelves for our folded clothes, the small drawers for underclothes, and the hanging closets for all of our other items. (You can request extra hangers from your Stateroom Attendant upon arrival.) One closet will contain your life jackets, but you can still hang items in that closet. We used it to hang our bulky winter coats, something I never want to bring on a cruise unless we’re in Alaska.

But what about the bathroom?
Carnival Pride Stateroom Bathroom

Bathroom storage was just as plentiful. Using a hanging cosmetic bag and the shelves was more than we needed for all of our items. Each bathroom comes with a preloaded shampoo/body wash dispenser. The kids used it, but I prefer to travel with my own products. Staterooms also come with two bathrobes. You’ll be able to request extra robes during your preliminary visit with your Stateroom Attendant (you’ll also choose when and how often your attendant tidies the room. I highly suggest choosing morning and evening service. You may think it’s excessive, but it goes a long way when it comes to keeping the room organized and clean. Trust.)

Anything special I should pack?

There is a small hairdryer in the vanity area. I stress the word “small”. I don’t have a lot of hair and it still took forever to dry my hair. Next time, I’ll pack my own travel hairdryer.
Carnival Pride Stateroom Outlets

If your family plans on being connected at sea, be sure to bring a power strip (without a surge protector.) Your stateroom will have one 110v outlet (there is an outlet in the bathroom, but it is designed specifically for electric razors.) I packed a small three outlet strip and it worked perfectly to charge our devices. Be sure to unplug it when you leave your stateroom.
Carnival Pride Stateroom Organization
Pack an over-the-door shoe organizer. We used ours to stash, well, shoes, but we also used it to hold our charging cords, wine opener, belts, sunglasses, and any other small items which would have otherwise clogged up a surface. It was nice to have a place to toss things to get them off of the floor and countertops.
Carnival Pride Stateroom Beds
When possible, get a balcony. I’ve cruised with an inside stateroom, porthole view stateroom, and now a balcony room. We will never go without the balcony, even if we didn’t use it every day because of rough weather. The natural light and large windows made the room feel twice as large. When I had my bout of seasickness, the balcony allowed me to get some fresh air and see the horizon, both of which eased my symptoms.

There you have it. A look inside a well lived-in Carnival Pride stateroom. Our family of four fit comfortably. We all slept like babies, everything was clean, our Stateroom Attendant was attentive, and, most importantly, we survived sharing a room for five nights.

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