LEGO is the New Jigsaw Puzzle

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am an adult who is obsessed with LEGO.

It all started out so innocently. We decided the kids were old enough for real LEGO sets. Duplo, while fun, just wasn’t cutting it anymore. My daughter saw the aisle of LEGO Friends in Target and decided she was just too old to play with Duplo anymore. I bought her a couple of the smaller sets to make sure she would be able to follow the directions and build on her own. She put those things together at the speed of light and begged for more. I was happy to oblige because for every LEGO set she built, it was time away from her Kindle or the tv. She was sitting and concentrating on a project from start to finish.

Of course, as soon as Bubs saw sister’s new LEGO, he was no longer satisfied with his Duplo sets. His eyes lit up at the LEGO Juniors Easy Build Spiderman set and never looked back. The problem is, he’s four. Even with the Easy Build sets, he needs help. And who’s around to help him?


I started “helping” him with builds (and, by “helping” I really mean “doing the builds for him” because four year old) and a strange thing happened…

I wanted to build more.

Soon, I was perusing the LEGO aisle at Target by myself. I started to tell myself the kids needed more sets. “Oh, Bubba would love this Star Wars set! Bunny would flip for the Friends Juice Bar!” I knew she’d be able to put her sets together with minimum help, but there was no way Bubs was putting together a 400 piece set. Questions of “What do the kids want for their birthdays?” were met with the one, obvious answer: LEGO.

I realized building LEGO was a pretty zen experience. It’s calming and gives me something to focus on. A project I can start and finish in a relatively reasonable amount of time. Sure, the kids destroy the sets after a day, and it was driving me nuts at first. An hour of time putting together a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set and within 15 seconds, Raphael was kicking the place down and rebuilding it as a Ghostbusters office. And then I remembered that’s the beauty of LEGO. They can build and rebuild anything and everything. I was never a LEGO kid. My brother would do these huge builds and threaten me within an inch of my life if I dared touch one, but I was too busy with books and Barbie to bother with LEGO. It makes me happy to see my kids loving LEGO.

You know what else is great about LEGO? I can build my own sets. Ones the kids can’t destroy. LEGO is my version of a jigsaw puzzle. Plenty of adults (and, yes, not just senior citizens) do jigsaw puzzles to relax or zone out. LEGO isn’t any different. Sure, they’re more expensive, but they still provide a challenge, a goal to complete. I have friends that color to relax. Others that do crossword puzzles or Sudoku. I don’t think building LEGO is any different.

So I find myself browsing the online LEGO shop for my own sets and a huge wishlist has been created. I already ordered myself the Deloran and I have my sights set on the Monster Fighters house (hello Halloween decor!) and the annual Christmas set. I have no idea how I plan on displaying these sets and I’m sure the kids will end up inheriting them at some point, but I’m excited to find my little piece of zen.

So parents, don’t fight the LEGO love. Get your own sets. Find the zen. I promise, they’re way more fun than a jigsaw puzzle and still cheaper than therapy.

LEGO is the New Jigsaw Puzzle

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a flux capacitor to install.


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  • Reply wendi August 6, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    I totally agree! I will be building my tree house to relax this weekend.

  • Reply Katie Morse - The Project Neon August 6, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    Love that you love LEGO. Have you gone to the LEGOLAND theme park? It’s sooo awesome!

  • Reply Checking Out to Check In - Fiddle Dee Me June 15, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    […] need an hour or two to myself to unwind and relax. I need to watch tv or build a LEGO set or color or read. I need to just take a moment and breathe because if I don’t? If I […]

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