Little Moments, Big Memories

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The end of the school year chaos has me completely bogged down. Case in point? I thought yesterday was Monday all day long. I missed a deadline (for this post, actually) and a doctor’s appointment because I thought it was Monday. I also somehow got my dates mixed up on a certification exam I thought was next week, but turns out it’s really this week.

On top of the regular school/swim team/baseball insanity, I decided going camping for Memorial Day weekend would be a fantastic idea. Planning, prepping, packing, and going away for the weekend was totally the logical thing to do in the midst of everything else going on.

But, you know what? It really was the right thing to do.

We needed a weekend without deadlines, baseball games, swim practices, homework, and work calls.
Enjoying the Little Moments
We needed a weekend to unplug and unwind, to get dirty, and just forget about life for a while. We celebrated my oldest’s birthday with s’mores. We went on hikes. We chased fireflies.
Enjoying the Little Moments
Don’t get me wrong…the weekend was far from perfect. We forgot things, it rained, the tent was damp, there were tears and many threats of going home early, but it was still exactly what we needed.

The little moments in the middle of the chaos are what the kids will remember. They won’t remember the damp sleeping bags; they’ll remember snuggling up in the tent playing Twenty Questions in the dark. They won’t remember that I forgot one of the breakfast meals; they’ll remember going into town for fresh donuts.

I’m determined to pack as many little moments into the summer as possible. It’s hit me that my oldest is nine and we’re running out of time. Soon she’ll be too cool or too busy to spend weekends crammed in a tent or camper.

Enjoying the Little Moments
Two weeks from now, we’ll pack everything up again and head back out on another camping adventure to make more memories (hopefully without the rain and damp sleeping bags- there are some things we don’t need to experience again.)

Because it’s the little moments that make the biggest impact, and I’ll keep filling our bucket with as many little moments as possible.

Enjoying the Little Moments
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Enjoying the Little Moments Entenmann’s Little Bites® Strawberry Yogurt Muffins
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