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Stitch Fix App Launch

Stitch Fix launched an app this week, you guys. (iPhone only, sorry Android friends!)
This makes my Stitch Fix obsessed heart happy for so many reasons.  Hey, at least I admit that I’m obsessed, right?

Now you can schedule Fixes and update your notes right from your phone! If you’re out and you realize you haven’t scheduled your Fix, or you see a new trend in the stores you want your stylist to add to your next Fix, you can turn on your phone and take care of it in just a few seconds. I am constantly updating my notes or forgetting to add special requests because I always think of them when I’m in the middle of the store. Maybe I’ll actually get better at updating my stuff now. Or maybe now I’ll drive my stylist nuts with a million requests.
When your Fix ships, you can track it from the app. After you’ve tried everything on, you can leave feedback and check out from the app, too.  And, if you’re like me and stalk your Fix items before they arrive, well now that’s even easier. Yes, I am a peeker. I ruin all surprises, really. It’s just the control freak in me.
The checkout process has been streamlined in the app. You’ll see a photo of the items in your Fix, so you don’t need to refer back to your insert to make sure you’re keeping or sending back the correct item.
You can even upload a profile photo! Your stylist can now see your gorgeous face and figure. This is also a great way to show your stylist your body type. We can fill out the surveys and Pin wardrobe inspiration all day long, but actually seeing someone’s body and the way they wear clothes gives the stylists a better picture of the real you. This is probably the feature I’m most excited about. I hope they’ll start offering the option to upload photos of us trying on the clothes so they can see exactly why something did or didn’t work for us.

If you’ve been waiting to sign up for Stitch Fix, now is the time! They’ve made it easier than ever to get a Fix you’ll love. And don’t forget to download the app, too!

Stitch Fix App
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Happy weekend!

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