Things and Stuff: What’s In My Target Cart

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I have had a serious case of writer’s block lately. Which is really bad timing seeing as work is slower lately and I actually have the time to write. I have all of these post ideas floating around my head (and in pretty lists on Evernote), but I haven’t been able to sit and write them into (semi) coherent posts.

I gave myself the morning off to run some errands, which OF COURSE included a stop at Target. I actually hadn’t shopped at my favorite big, red store lately and I was overdue for a visit. Somehow, one thing lead to another and instead of getting the milk I went there to get, I ended up with a cart full of fun things for myself. I swear they pump something into the ventilation system that causes you to completely forget your list the second you walk past the Dollar Spot section.

And then inspiration struck. Why not do a fun little post about the great things I scored at Target this week? I’d probably go broke doing a weekly Target post (I was already tempted to buy four different pairs of flats for a post), but I figured I could add it into the “Things and Stuff” category I’ve wanted to do for a while now and mix in these types of posts with some other must-haves posts, too.

So all of that is basically to say “I went shopping at Target today and here’s some of the cool stuff I bought that I thought you might like, too.”

What's In My Target Cart

1: Acue Unscented Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes. I’m going to admit one of my darkest, grossest secrets-I suck at washing my face. I get so  lazy at night and I barely make it through taking out my contacts and brushing my teeth. It’s a habit I’m trying desperately to break because one look at my skin (sans Instagram filter) and you can tell I’m not taking care of it. I’m too old to not be taking care of my skin. I’ve started keeping wipes on my bedside table for the nights

2: Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn. Kettle corn is my ultimate snack food weakness. Salty and sweet. Crunchy and so delicious. I could eat a bag of kettle corn a day if I let myself, which is why I only buy it randomly and don’t even make it at home as much as I used to. This one is GMO-free, too, which I appreciate in any corn-based product. The ingredients are simple, too: Popcorn, Sunflower Oil, Dried Cane Sugar, Sea Salt. That’s it. They have other flavors, too, but I go straight for the kettle corn every single time. Also, the packaging is pretty and I’m a sucker for pretty products. #basic

3. SweeTarts Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies. I’m still annoyed that Wonka went and shrank the size of my all-time favorite Easter candy, but I guess we can’t have nice things forever. I swear these taste better than regular SweeTarts, but I’m also convinced Easter Peanut M&M’s taste better than any of the other seasonal M&M’s, so I may be crazy. I limit myself to one bag per Easter season (otherwise I’d put myself into a sugar coma) so I’ll be rationing these out for a while.

4. Dasani Sparkling Water. When I gave up drinking soda daily (I try and save it for special occasions now and won’t drink it at home), I switched to sparkling water to get my daily dose of carbonation. I have a SodaStream, but all of their flavorings are loaded with junk (except for their Flavor Essence) and I haven’t found a homemade flavor recipe I like as much as canned sparkling waters. They also make great additions to mojitos for a little fizz if you don’t want to use lemon-lime soda.

5. Merona Boatneck Shirt. I have a thing for stripes. And for some reason, now that my hair is short, I feel like I need shirts with interesting necklines. Obviously I think I’m Audrey Hepburn or Claire Underwood now. Naturally. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear this with my boyfriend jeans and flats. I want to go back and buy the yellow striped version and a couple of solids, too. Because that’s what I do: I find a shirt I love and buy it in ALL THE COLORS and wear it over and over again. Just me?

6. Rainboots: The snow is actually melting here (we’ll just ignore the fact there’s more snow on the way later this week) and snowboots aren’t always necessary. I’ve skipped buying myself a pair of rainboots every single Spring and I regret it every time. These were listed as $29.99 in store and are Merona brand, but the same boots are at Target online for more and not under the Merona name. Our store was almost sold out, so it could be that the ones I found in-store aren’t available online anymore. Who knows. All I know is I love them, especially for $29.99. Most importantly, they work. I sloshed my way to and from the bus stop and my feet were nice and dry.

Merona Rain Boots from Target

7. American Sniper: Both the husband and I want to read the book before seeing the movie. As is usually the case, we’ll have to wait for it to hit digital release before we see it (we are lame), so we have plenty of time for both of us to get through the book. I already called dibs on reading it first and I’m looking forward to starting it this weekend.

So there you have it! Some stuff and things I bought at Target this week. Did you find anything great at the bullseye this week or do you have/love anything I purchased?


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  • Reply Jenn March 4, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    The question is “what isn’t in my cart at Target?”

    Mr PugRunner read and loved American Sniper.

    PS – love your hair <3

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