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Turtle Talk with Crush at Disney California Adventure

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Animation Building  Disney California Adventure

One of my favorite places in Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort is the Disney Animation Building.  It’s a hidden gem, especially on a hot day or when you just want to decompress for a little bit.  The Disney Animation Building is filled with some great, interactive exhibits, including the Animation Academy (where you can learn to draw Disney characters), the Sorcerer’s Workshop (my favorite room in the Workshop is Beast’s Library where you can discover which Disney character you’re most like.  I always get Tinker Bell), and the Animation Courtyard (an amazing place to sit and watch the projections and enjoy a little quiet).  The projections in the Courtyard constantly change and show the evolution of several Disney films from first sketches to final animation.  It is definitely worth sitting down and watching the entire sequence of clips.

Turtle Talk with Crush Disney California Adventure

The main focus of our Disney Animation Building tour was Turtle Talk With Crush, an interactive show staring none other than the Disney*Pixar Finding Nemo star, Crush the sea turtle.  Guests sit in the “human tank” and get to ask Crush anything and everything they can think up.  We’ve visited Crush in his East Coast tank at Walt Disney World and we’ve definitely heard a wide range of questions from “How many kids do you have?” to “What does a turtle smell like?” (that one got lots of laughs).  Crush also loves to learn about humans so he can relay the info back to his youngest offspring,  Squirt.

Well, when you put a bunch of bloggers together in one room with a microphone at our disposal, you know we’re going to ask lots of questions!  Being the uber Crush fan I am, I just had to jump at the chance to ask him a question.  Whenever you ask Crush a something, he gives you an awesome sea turtle name.  I am now known as “A-Frame Ashley”.  I kinda dig it.  I asked Crush if they still celebrated birthdays after 150 years.  His response?  “Sometimes, dude. Sometimes we forget, but we do totally love celebrating turtle hatch days.  My father, Mr. Turtle, is close to 200 years old, dude.”


Crush likes to teach guests all about the life of a sea turtle, too.  For example, we learned sea turtles can go around fifteen minutes without going to the surface for air.  If they need to sleep, they can lower their heart rates and stay under for up to five hours.  How cool is that, dude?  They also get their green color from all of the green sea kelp they eat on the ocean floor.  I had no idea!  He can even name all of his little turtle offspring, but I’d fill up an entire blog post trying to write them all down for you.


Turtle Talk With Crush is a totally awesome experience.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Crush comes up with the answers to questions and you’ll definitely laugh a lot.  If you’re at Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort or Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort, make sure you stop by and say hello to Crush.  He so totally rocks!

I attended the #DisneyInHomeBloggers event on behalf of SippyCupMom.com.  Disney provided my transportation, accommodations and other incidentals in exchange for coverage of the events.  While talking points were suggested, all thoughts are my own.   All photos are property of Disney, unless otherwise indicated by watermark. 

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